Gun Metal Jutti | Soft cushioned Jutti for Girls


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Women’s Ethnic Flats | Hand-made Zardosi Embroidery with leather cushioning
These are composed of anti-bacterial premium quality leather
Type: Sensitive Feets
Time: 8-9 Hours of wear (suitable for long hours)

Material Used

Upper – Indian Silk
Back – Indian Silk
Lining and Sole – Leather
Lining Cushion – Double Padded for that extra comfort


Zardosi footwear has a sleek and stylish design that is suitable for any ensembles, whether they are typical college casuals or boho chic clothes, cocktail parties, wedding celebrations, or daily workplace wear. They are the ideal choice for all ladies and are appropriate for any event, from a day at the beach or a social gathering to a cool and casual date. With The House of ZRI’s extensive selection of ethnic designs, you’ll always have the appropriate footwear for your perfect outfit.

Hand-made zardosi embroidery leather cushioning anti-bacterial leather for sensitive feet’s


ONLY DRY CLEAN! Keep your juttis in the dust bag that came with your box or in a muslin towel. Our juttis are exceptionally soft, however if your feet are extra sensitive, line the inside of your juttis with mustard oil and leave for a day. Maintain a dry and moisture-free environment for them. If they have been exposed to moisture, please allow them to dry for a few hours before replacing them.

Weight 0.7 kg
Dimensions 25 × 15 × 15 cm


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